Heidi says...

Greg is a natural leader.  He enjoys dreaming and visioning about what the church could be and do and putting together plans to move the church forward.  His exuberant energy and excitement about ministry can be contagious.

Greg is a readily professed Presby-nerd.  He loves the Presbyterian church, our polity and theology.  However, he also realizes the importance of ecumenism and lives that out in his ministry.  In this time in the life of the church when we need to learn to be ever more flexible and responsive to the needs of our community, Greg is always willing to try new ways of doing things and to partner with lots of folks in the community to do just that.

Greg is as extroverted as they come and one of the ways he meets his need for interaction is through social media.  He is connected with ministry colleagues around the country and is not only comfortable using Facebook, Twitter and other sites but loves to find ways to use them to enhance ministry.

Greg is also a great dad.  He is truly a partner in raising our two kids and we share such joy in watching our kids grow and learn.  Greg is a great partner in marriage, using his strengths in places where I am not so strong, smoothing out my rougher edges, being my biggest cheerleader.  We are opposites in many ways, which leads to many a lively conversation at our house, but we balance each other out and appreciate what the other brings to the table.

Greg and I share a vision for the church.  We believe that the church should be a place where we live out our faith, not just talk about it.  It should be a place where we can feel safe asking questions and at the same time feel challenged to grow as disciples.  Church isn't for Sundays only, but encompasses all of life. It's an exciting time to be in ministry as we seek ways to share the good news in an ever-changing world.