Greg says...

It is difficult for me to put into words how wonderful a pastor and a partner Heidi is for me and with me. Her vision for the church is one of inclusion for all, young and old, traditional families and others. Her calm presence is invaluable in the storms that come in ministry, parenting, and life.

Heidi is organized and efficient. She is well read and well traveled. Whether it was her years in Kazakhstan as a Peace Corps volunteer, her time studying abroad, her stories of her many trips to experience different cultures, or her work in the non-profit world she has an amazing ability to stay composed in any situation. She is wise and dependable; her deep sense of inner peace is contagious bringing calmness to the chaos of life.

Heidi is a gifted pastor in many ways. Her ability to relate to and provide pastoral care to older adults is remarkable. Her empathy and insight helps her to discern the next step in the vision of the church as well as walk with people through the valleys of the later stages of life.

I could not have asked for a more present, trustworthy, and hilarious partner and teammate in life. She is an incredible mother to our two young children. Her capacity for patience with them is a joy to watch. She and I complement each other very well. She challenges me, supports me, and helps me to be the kind of father and pastor that my God has called me to be.

We are different people and have a shared vision of the church that challenges individuals to live a life of faith that impacts their decisions every day, not just on Sundays. We are both excited to live and minister in this fast changing, global world that is desperate for some good news.