First Week of Advent, Monday (by Beloved)

What gift do you have to contribute to the world? Hmmm, a difficult question to answer.  If we talk about skills and talents then I'm much more comfortable in self-deprecation mode than in toot-my-own-horn mode.

But I think what I have been struck by lately are the physical and monetary gifts that I possess.  A plastic bag was left at our door asking us to fill it with nonperishable food for those who don't have any at the holidays.  I could easily raid my pantry and come up with plenty to share, most I wouldn't even miss.  This time of year there are unlimited opportunities to give a few dollars here, a hat and gloves there, to help those less fortunate.  And I could help with all of it.

Most days I worry about paying bills and having enough at the end of the month, but truth be told, I could donate, I could share my "gifts" with the world, and it wouldn't break the bank.  It wouldn't even fall in the category of "giving 'til it hurts".  It would simply be sharing.  It would be answering my calling to share what I have with the world.