First Week of Advent, Monday (by Buttface)

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:1-11 What gift do you have to contribute to the world?

I feel like I have a lot to contribute, but it mostly boils down to caring and being there. I'm not the smartest or the most reverent, I do however put in the time to be there.

It sometimes feel likes I'm the only one willing to sit down and listen to folks on the "other" side. I get razzed by my liberal friends for not pushing hard enough, I get assaulted by conservatives for "denying Christ". My gift to offer is living in the tension. Sure I want to shake my fist, yell (sometimes my wife gets to hear it...lucky her), it just doesn't help. The only way that I can use my gift to challenge people to look at things through new eyes is to present those things in a way that they can understand.

For me hardline stands don't work anymore.

God grant me patience and fortitude to stand in the gap proclaiming your love for all.

Blessings, Buttface