First Week of Advent, Tuesday (by Buttface)

Scripture: Jeremiah 33:14-16 Write about what you would like to God to set right in the world.

"Right" answer: Equality, peace, end to poverty, compassion, you know the biggies

"Honest" answer: Not to worry about money, be cured of diabetes, my grandmother to die peacefully, my mom to be free of the burden and guilt of an only child and caregiver, for my dad to lose the weight he needs to live a healthy life with a healthy heart, for my sister to find where she is called, for my child to be born healthy, for my wife to be healthy and get enough sleep in order for us to be "good" parents, fro my child to grow up in a world where the can be free to be who they are no matter what that is, and to lose 10 pounds.

(that last one I could probably handle on my own...just lay off those cookies)