First Week of Advent, Wednesday (by Buttface)

Scripture: Amos 4:1-13 Express in your journal how your actions have sometimes fallen short of God's expectation for you.

Where do I start?...

The moment I felt as if I had fallen the most short of God's expectation took place in Elkins, WV. It was my second year of seminary and I was already deep in the ordination process, I was there to watch West Virginia play in the NCAA basketball tournament and visit an old friend. A lot of things happened that night, the least of which was WVU loosing on a last second basket to the University of Texas. The only way I could describe that night is Black Friday. That night I fell as far from God's expectations as I could. In fact, I was afraid that I had ruined any chance that I would ever had to respond to my call from God. I had SCREWED up BIG TIME!

God was and is faithful, from that moment I have been resurrected, my old life was fading away, I started living into my new life comfortable in my call Christ. I often look to that day as when I finally let down my guard and let God guide my life. I feel as if I have gone from the furtherest away from God's expectation to as close as I can get at the moment.

God, thank you for sticking with me, thank you for waiting on me knowing that my life would eventually fulfill your expectations. Continue to be with me, work with me, help me to live up to your call on my life.