First Week of Advent - Friday (by Beloved)

Scripture: Luke 1:67-79 Find the most vivid image in this Scripture and write about how it connects with your life.

"He has remembered his holy covenant", that we "might serve him without fear, in holiness and righteousness before him all our days."

In Jesus' birth, God has remembered his holy covenant, his promise to Israel.  Through Jesus, we can serve God without fear.  We have been freed from fear, from legalism, from hopelessness.  It was probably hard to see in the birth of a baby.  It was even harder to see in a shameful death on a cross.  But we have been given light when we sit in darkness, our feet have been guided in the way of peace.  This is the awesomeness of Christmas, the incarnation, God with us, remembering his covenant, setting us free.  This is what I hope to keep in the forefront of my mind throughout Advent.

God, help me to remember what Christmas signifies.  Keep me on the path of peace.