First Week of Advent - Saturday (by Beloved)

Scripture: Psalm 25:1-10 What is your favorite image of God? (Parent, wind, rock, mother hen and lover are some examples to consider.)  Write about or capture this image in your journal.

Probably the most common image of God for me is that of loving parent.  I imagine this is most likely because I have been fortunate to have two loving parents and been able to witness many other family members and friends act as loving parents.  Sometimes they are soft - encouraging, embracing, advocating, marveling, beaming. Sometimes they are hard - correcting, denying, redirecting, grieving, admonishing.  But always it is done out of love.

This is how I see God.  God loves me more than I can imagine, but this doesn't always feel good.  Sometimes God corrects me, God denies me things, God grieves the things I do wrong.  But God also embraces me unconditionally, encourages and strengthens me, marvels at creation and is a beaming and proud parent when I do things to usher in God's kingdom.

The prayer today is to ask for God to heal our image of God so that we can love and get to know God more deeply.  I realize that this loving parent image is not a complete image of God and can be healed in many ways from when I try to make God into an image I can understand or relate to.  So God, heal this image, expand this image, reshape this image.  And remind me always to stand in awe of what I will never truly understand or grasp - your amazing love.