First Week of Advent - Thursday (by Beloved)

Scripture: Matthew 21:33-46 Name the ways you honor what God has placed in your care.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the child that literally has been placed in my care.  This pregnancy has not always been easy and I have been on a very restricted diet.  People often comment on how "good" I'm being by not eating dessert.  But I would only be hurting my child by eating what I am not supposed to.   This child is helpless and relies only on me to provide what it needs - how could I possibly do otherwise?

Most other situations in life are not quite as straightforward.  If I don't take care of things in God's kingdom, maybe somebody else will.  In fact, the tenants in today's Scripture were wrong for thinking that they knew more than God.  I think that as a minister, this is key.  It is easy to get caught up in thinking that I know best, that my way is best, that if I don't do it that God won't work.  My most often confession is a lack of trust.  Trusting that God can work - through me or in spite of me, using my gifts but also using other people's gifts, putting things in my care and putting decidely more not in my care.  And of course, discerning between the two.   I honor God most by remembering that I am not God.