First Week of Advent- Friday (by Buttface)

Scripture: Luke 1-67-79 Find the most vivid image in this Scripture and write how it connects with your life.

" give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death..."

This image is haunting to me. Growing up this image to me symbolized "bring people to Jesus" something that to this day makes me nervous. It brings up images of a person on the street with a Bible asking passers by, "Have you found Jesus?" "Are you saved?" and image that makes me run toward the darkness and shadow, away from anything they are pushing. As I have gotten older and began living into my call I realized there is a difference between bringing people to Jesus and showing people Jesus. I have found that those that model, reflect the light of Christ turn me into a moth attracted to them, following them. I am called to be the vessel that reflects the light of God into the darkness of people's lives and to be there with them in hopes that they will feel the unconditional love and compassion of God through the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Holy God, help me to be confident enough to travel to the dark places in hopes of finding your people.