Second Sunday in Advent - by Beloved

Scripture: Luke 3:1-6 What do you imagine the vision of God's salvation might look like?

I don't really have  good answer for this question.  What does it mean to "see" God's salvation?  In terms of salvation of the world, I can imagine a time of justice, peace, all being right with the world. 

But I mostly think of salvation in internal terms.  For all flesh to see salvation would be to experience God's saving grace deep down in your soul.  To have that inner peace, inner joy, understanding of God's goodness and love.  Maybe if all flesh had that it would lead to justice and peace? 

I guess I've never tried to picture a vision of what that would look like.  But it might be helpful to have a more concrete sense of what it is I hope for in this season.

God, help me to imagine and visualize your vision of salvation.