Second Week of Advent - Saturday (by Beloved)

Scripture: Philippians 4:4-9 What do you feed your spirit? 

I officiated at a funeral yesterday and the daughter was telling me that she couldn't face Christmas this year.  There would be no decorations, no gifts, it was too much.  In my own family we are dealing with my grandmother's decline.  This is not always an easy time of year, the happiness of the season is not present for all.

"Don't let your spirit become malnourished" it advises in the devotional.  For me, this blog, Advent worship services, images of the nativity scene are all food for my spirit.  Christmas can be Christmas without gifts, without a tree, without lights.  The hubbub is not the point.  Reconnecting with God is. 

I thrive on the liturgical year and these special times when we can devote time and energy to thinking about the Christian story.  Thank you God, for the season of Advent, for this time of focused prayer and study.