Second Week of Advent - Tuesday by Beloved

Scripture: Phillipians 1:3-11 What is most real for you right now?

Hmmm, let's think.  In a week or so, I will be a parent.  That is by far the most real reality that I am living.  I know that everything will change on that day and yet there is nothing more to do to prepare.

Advent is about balancing the reality of the now with the hope for the future.  My reality will soon be caretaker to a newborn.  There are still many things I want to do in ministry, want to experience, want to participate in.  But I know that for now my biggest reality is Mom.  The balance between the now and the hope for the future is one I am feeling acutely.

God, help me to stay in the now while not giving up my hopes for the future.