Second Week of Advent - Wednesday (by Beloved)

Scripture: Matthew 23:1-12 What voices have you paid too much attention to lately?  Write about what the voice of God's wisdom says to you about the path you're on right now.

I have done a lot of reading lately about medical issues related to pregnancy - looking for answers to my questions, suggestions for ways to combat problems, helpful hints for the stage of pregnancy that I am in.  I actually stopped going to websites that are supposed to provide information and support for pregnant women because I found that they caused more anxiety than reassurance.

Medical advice and information is a good thing.  But when I think that with the right information I can somehow be in control, then it no longer becomes helpful. God's wisdom tells me that I am not in control.  God's wisdom tells me to do what I can and then to trust.  God's wisdom tells me to lay off the worry and to focus on God's blessings.