Our Day in John Day

Hubby and I found ourselves with a rare Sunday off.  What to do?  Go to the John Day Fossil Beds of course! We got a late start because who knows the next Sunday we will get to sleep in.  Found ourselves in Mitchell for lunch.

What a shockingly small town!  Right next to lunch was a log furniture place that made oversized chairs.  Had to take a picture!

Of the rocking chair too!

We eventually made it to our destination.  The Visitor Center is named after Rev. Condon - a pretty cool dude ahead of his time.

After learning about oreadonts, we headed to Historic Cant Ranch and read about life for the early settlers.

On our way down to the river and through the barn, Hubby and I had a "discussion" about owning fruit trees.

It was nice by the river, very cool.  TLO was unconvinced that being out on such a hot day was a good idea.

But we didn't listen to her.  We thought it wise to go to a much hotter, less shady place to hike some more.

We took a self-portrait to prove that all three of us were there.

We tried to take a cute picture of TLO but she was uncooperative.

Here's a final view from our hike.

The moon was out above the hills, what a perfect ending to a great day.

Unfortunately, this was the real ending to our day. :(