Big Tent Christianity

What does “big tent Christianity” mean to you? And what does it look like in your context? I am hopeful about the big tent Christianity movement.  In my small town, the local pastor's association has worked hard on creating a space where every person is respected and encouraged.  I am almost always the only mainliner there.  I am most definitely the only woman there.  But I make it a point to go every month, specifically because I am different and I am challenged by the Christianity that is sometimes promoted at this gathering.  I know I make others uncomfortable just by being a young woman (shouldn't I be at home with my daughter?).  But everybody makes a point to make me feel welcome.

For the most part, the unity of the pastor's association has just been talk.  But we are beginning to try and put hands and feet on working together, showing unity, being a strong force for good in our community in the name of Jesus Christ through joint service projects, joint worship services, etc.   There are people at these meetings that I know I fundamentally disagree with on many issues.  But in the end, we all worship the same God, we all profess faith in Jesus, we all are trying to live out our faith.  And so I am hopeful that we can be a face of the church in our community that is positive and appreciated.  May it be so.