Happy Birthday, TLO!


Today you turned one and I can't believe it's already been a year since I sat with your mother at St. Charles Hospital in Redmond. You were so anxious to meet us that you almost showed up before the doctor.

Your first few weeks were scary for both me and your mom. You lost a lot of weight and even had to spend one night in under bili-lights. After a while you started getting better, you started to smile (but I'm pretty sure it was just gas at first), you loved being swaddled tightly before you went to bed and you couldn't get enough of your swing. You would sleep for hours rocking back and forth while Hannah, our dog (she's really old), would lie underneath the swing, protecting you.

As I write this my mind is awash with all of the amazing things that have been able to be a part of this year. Spending a month home with you watching you grow, getting to know you, figuring out what it meant to be your dad, etc. there are so many things that come to mind but memories, these memories aren't one that are easily written down. Moments of utter jubilation, shear terror, heartfelt joy, my heart bursting out of my chest, my eyes welling up with tears; these are memories, little snapshots, that go into my picture of you, my daughter, my first child, my TLO.

I love you and I can't wait for tomorrow so I can begin to get to know you during your second year.



PS TLO stands for The Little One. It’s what we call you when we refer to you online. Our little protection.