1 Shining Moment For a 2-Sided State (via michaelpowelson)

As someone who moved to West Virginia after college and attended WVU for graduate school. This post sums up my (some would say) irrational emotional attachment to WVU athletics. I identify with the expressions in this article and it explains why I get weepy when I think about MY state.

I was accepted by the people of West Virginia for who I was. They held me during dark times in my life and they celebrated with me in the bright spots in my life.

I AM a West Virginian, by heart if not by birth.

There is a quote that I love, “Thus, it is with those nurtured in Appalachia—they leave, but they look back, remembering pleasant things. The land has claimed them, and its ties will not be severed.” –Maurice Brooks

Thank you

1 Shining Moment For a 2-Sided State There’s something I’d like to do before I die. As lifelong ambitions go, it’s not decadent or even particularly grand. But it is something I have no control over, and so the self-actualized, better Spocks of my nature think it’s silly. They'd prefer I not talk about it, and prior to this writing, I never have. Before I die, I’d like to wake up early in the morning and fight a searing headache to the local newsstand to buy a paper. The front-page … Read More

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