Reflections on Wild Goose West 2012

I came to Wild Goose West not knowing what to expect. I left feeling more hope for the future of faith than I have felt in a really long time.

The whole of Saturday at the festival felt like what church is supposed to be. We started the morning with worship as a family. It was simple. It was heartfelt. And most importantly my kids could wander around and I didn't feel the need to corral, shush or correct them.

Throughout the day I got to hear people share about their thoughts on church and faith and be challenged, be uplifted, have my mind opened to new ways of thinking. I got to hangout out with old friends. I got to watch my kids make new friends. At the end of the evening, I got to hear 7 people passionate about church and their denominations share what they love and like least about their faith traditions. And then we held hands and sang "And together we'll proclaim the news that God is in the land. And they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love, yes they'll know we are Christians by our love." I got to close the night by meeting new people, hearing good music, and laughing.

It was organic, open, genuine, relaxed, thoughtful. I felt no pressure to proscribe to anyone else's thoughts on faith. I felt invited to live my own faith more genuinely.

There was an openness about the thing - an intangible presence of good. Some might even call it God.

I often have a hard time picturing what faith communities will look like in the future. I feel like, at Wild Goose West, a got a glimpse. And I'm excited to get there.