Goodbye First Presbyterian Church

Here is the text of the letter that I sent to all the members First Presbyterian Church in Bend, Oregon announcing my new call.

Dear First Presbyterian Church,

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter to inform you that I have accepted a call to be the next pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Nebraska City, Nebraska. My family and I are very excited and, at the same time, very nervous about what the future holds for us, yet we are responding to the YES that God has put on our hearts to follow this call.

Words cannot express the depth of love and gratitude I have for the community of First Presbyterian, Bend, without your love and generosity I would never have been able to hear this call. It was God who brought me here five years ago and I trust it is God’s call that is leading me to the next chapter of my journey.

Over the last five years, you have seen me grow from a fresh out of seminary youth director to a married father of two, ordained, Pastor of Youth and Their Families. Your willingness to allow me to grow with you has been invaluable to me, personally and professionally, as I seek to be the best pastor I can be. The grace and care that you have shown me when I have made mistakes and the joy and support you have given my family and me in our celebrations has been in a word, Christ-like. The relationships built here will go with me wherever God’s call leads me.

First Presbyterian Church in Nebraska City is a small congregation with a lot of energy. For the last year they have participated in a transformation process involving the entire congregation. Through this process they have studied their past, acknowledged their present, and now are ready to embrace their future. A future that we have been called to share with them. The people at First Presbyterian Church, Nebraska City, and I believe that we have been called together at this moment to share the next step in their ministry.

My last Sunday with you will be December 30, 2012. I will begin my new call in Nebraska City at the end of January.

My family and I are indebted to you and covet any prayers for our future in ministry. Once again, thank you.


Rev. Greg Bolt