Keeping the Feast


I got this book as part of a project called SpeakEasy that sends you a book if you will review it.  I was drawn to this book because of it's attempt to connect the communion meal in church with our everyday meals.  I was not disappointed.

This was a great book.  I loved the poetry, I loved the recipes, I loved the stories.  I can see using it in sermons, in educational settings and for my own edification.  I can see re-reading it many times over.

The author draws upon many of my favorite theologians - Bruegermann, Buechner, L'Engle.  He draws on ancient and modern writers, old and new songs.  It's a book that feels contemporary but could become a classic. Milton Brasher-Cunningham is the kind of writer I like. He cares about words. He uses them as necessary and with purpose.

I'm gushing, but it's a book I needed.  To re-member the roots of Communion.  To feed my soul at a time when it is dry.  To connect the everyday and important meals with my everyday faith. Here is one of my favorite passages:

“Jesus sat with his disciples around the table and, as he served them bread, he said, “Every time you do this, remember me.” What if we could hear those words as an invitation to communion and community in every meal, in every cup of coffee, in every beer at the pub: every time you eat and drink, look each other in the eye and remember me, remember the love that binds you and do whatever you have to do to forget the lies you have learned that tear you apart.”

I highly recommend this book!