Why I Will Never Use Sprint Again!!

I moved to Nebraska City, NE from Redmond, OR in January. When I got here realized that I was at best getting Sprint coverage but more often than not I would have Extended coverage and never 3G. After my wife, Heidi, I, my brother in law, Alec, and sister in law, Margaret, all using iPhone 4S phones were never able to find 3G in the surrounding area I decided to change service providers because Sprint service did not work where I live. I assumed, wrongly I guess, that Sprint would know about their lack of service in the area and I would not be charged an early termination fee, especially given that I signed a 2 year agreement 3 years ago. After talking to Lauren from Sprint for 2+ hours, many interactions with last week, different @sprintcares people on twitter since, talking with George on the phone last night, and Mensa on the phone today it seems that if I had made the phone call to customer retention proving that their service did not work before porting my number out I would not be charged $600 for a EFT.

But since I didn't and apparently, not being able to provide regular 3G or data to a customer is not a viable reason to terminate their service. I guess now I will pay the $600 for the one phone call then never give them any more money again.