Review for the Secrets of Leaven

The Secrets of the Leaven by Todd Wynward was touted as easy theology in a page turning mystery. It does not disappoint. The novel has hints of a Dan Brown religious thriller but I would argue is better written and instead of violent, deceitful secret sects has an underground movement that is inspiring in its practice of the Way. Unlike other books that have made the attempt, this books gets its theology across in natural dialogue between characters instead of forcing long interludes of teaching. I enjoyed the read and wanted more. My faith was expanded and enriched through the reading as well. Not something I can say for many novels. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. As a seminary graduate, I appreciated that the book was well researched and was intrigued by the idea that a small group of people has a copy of the Q document. It was fun to imagine what Christianity might have looked like had history gone differently. I will be sharing the discovery of this great read with friends and congregants and I look forward to the next installment from Todd Wynward.

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