Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

My mom is amazing, there's really no two ways about it.
A few years ago, I was going to host a bowl watching party to watch West Virginia University play University of Maryland, College Park in the Gator Bowl. You will note that I was hosting this party at in my parent's basement (if you know when that game was, you'll know how old I was living with my parents, still) anywho...I thought I'd get some beers, maybe some chips. Margaret Bolt went with me to the grocery store, when we got back, we had sub sandwiches, ingredients for dip, chips, an assortment of drinks, cookies, and some flowers for the table.
WVU got killed by Maryland that day, but man did we eat well. My mom is the best host, helper, organizer, creator, designer I know.
She also has been and continues to be the best mom I could ask for. She has been my most voracious cheerleader in sports and in life. Another story. When I was 8, I was playing little league baseball. My season wasn't going well. I couldn't hit a lick. My mom was also about 8 months pregnant with my little sister, Julia Bolt (who's birthday is today.) during that particular game I made the first solid contact of the season and hit a ground rule double (my mom says it was a home run, but that's a testament to her always seeing the best in her kids) She was jumping up and down and cheering so much that all the other parents were worried because they were afraid she was going to give birth right there.
I could regale you with stories about her being there, about her staying up late to help with projects, about her holding my hand through my diabetes diagnosis, about her being there when I called to give me a reassuring word.
My mom is the best.