We are serving in a co-pastor position, both at 66% time in the same church. As a clergy couple, when working together as worship planners, keynote speakers, and wedding officiants, we have found it incredibly valuable to have a colleague who is always there, and who knows and understands ministry in the church. We have both become better ministers because we have someone to share an idea with, seek advice from, or work with on a project. Certainly, we each have our own perspectives and ideas, and we don’t agree on everything, but our differences and collaboration strengthen our respective ministries. We believe that together we are more effective, creative, enthusiastic, and productive than we are alone. Our gifts complement each other’s, and our weaknesses balance out one another’s strengths.

In addition to the synergy of working together, a clergy couple can also provide a model of how the church values family. We aren’t necessarily better at balancing family and work responsibilities than anyone else, but having a husband and wife on staff presents a unique opportunity for the whole congregation to examine the delicate balance between work and family. We also believe that serving a church together and having our children at church activities sends a strong message to visiting families that they are welcome at our church.